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Stronger Together

Live the Life is launching a community marriage initiative called Stronger Together. The core elements will be to INSPIRE, PROVIDE RESOURCES & SUPPORT, and MOBILIZE the COMMUNITY. Our goal is to be a primary resource for marriage support, family strengthening, and divorce reduction. Additionally, we will act as an amplifier to support and promote the many faith and community-based organizations that are already offering Relationship Education Programs.

As part of this initiative, we will exponentially increase the number of couples in Northeast Florida who attend Relationship Education Programs. We are offering our effective and evidence-based Adventures In Marriage ($199) at no cost to couples when they attend through church and community groups. To learn more about how your church or organization can take advantage of this program, download our informational flyer or contact us.

Faith-Based Partners

What would our community look like if it was divorce-free? The thought seems improbable, impossible at best…however, we have been working with churches in Northeast Florida to make this a reality. Our premise is simple: strong marriages produce strong families, and strong families produce strong communities. We have found that a great way to reach families is by partnering with local churches.

Where does the church fit in? According to a recent Barna survey, 72% of churches do not have a substantive marriage ministry. However, research shows that a church with healthy families is a thriving church, where church attendance rises and weekly generosity increases. We have resources for every stage of a relationship from premarital, to marriage support and a marriage intensive for couples in crisis. Email or call 904.374.6365 to learn how we can be an invaluable partner.

First responder & military Partners

After working in the marriage and family space for more than 23 years, we believe a holistic approach is needed to address the enormous pressures placed upon first responders, military warriors and their families. Those pressures include the burden of a high tempo work environment, unique stressors created by extended periods of separation, and an ever-evolving societal landscape.

Multiple studies indicate strong families–those characterized by love, support, and healthy interaction–promote overall well-being and undergird family resilience. When America’s warriors and their families are strong, everyone benefits. Conversely, when the family is weak and things are chaotic at home, then resilience is affected negatively and overall job performance and combat effectiveness are greatly diminished.

The primary goal of Live the Life’s partnerships with first responders and the military is to provide targeted resiliency events to warriors in order to help preserve the health and well-being of first responders, military personnel and their families. To this end, we seek to preserve families, help reduce the stress of separation, help enhance communication between spouses, decrease loneliness, decrease suicides, develop healthy relationship skills among all family members, and foster teamwork.

Youth Programs

We know the best way to ensure healthy relationships in the future, is to ensure that young people have the skills to form these kind of relationships today. That’s why we teach essential life skills to middle & high school students through our True North program. To learn more, visit our student programs page.

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